Mission Statement

Your Words Change the World

Our mission is to:

Foster constructive, joyous, kind, respectful language in the:


Inner thoughts and Self Talk

Written Communication

of all humans:

Using a combination of Art, Literature, Music, Nature and mostly Words as a conduit.

Through the ages, these mediums on their own or in combination have had the power to elevate and therefore motivate humans to perform great acts of compassion and love or evil.

Here at the HD, our mission is for these mediums and the words they inspire to foster constructive, joyous, kind, respectful communication between humans so that we can find a way to address the critical issues that threaten the survival of our planet.

The vast majority of humans just want to live a happy life and keep their family safe.

By removing disgust, shaming and pomposity from our language we can find a way to come together and work on the things that really matter.

By seeking to use language that lowers boundaries, helps people to relax and feel a sense of kinship with their fellow humans we can have conversations that lead to shared visions that can benefit us all.

It is our privilege to make it easy for you to access and find those happy words to make you even more, a part of the solution.

Thank you for the effort you make every day to foster constructive, kind, respectful communication with the people in your community.

Especially when you think no one sees or notices, we thank you.

Especially when you are dealing with difficult, stressed-out people, we thank you.

Especially when you feel like maybe I’m not really making a difference, we thank you.

And by the way, you are making a difference.

Love the HD team XOXO

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